2013…a NEW start…


Resolutions:  Some make em’, some keep em’, some break em’……

I’ve made a business/family resolution that I will keep:  FAMILY FIRST!!!!!


Time to get real!

I’ve told you all things are changing.  I’ve been 100% honest with you all and let you know that the changes are big.  H5P is going through a restructuring.  I’m nervous and scared of the leaps I’m making.  I know that I will lose some of you as clients.  It’s been very difficult for me to be okay with losing some of you….maybe I won’t.  I’d be okay with that, too.  =)  I’m going to try and explain the change to you all.  This has not been an easy change for me.


WHY the change????

To be blunt:  I HAVE TO!

When I first started this “business” back in 2010, I had NO idea what I was doing!  I was a “mom with a camera”.  Many of you are “moms with a camera”.  Like you, Santa brought me a great camera and it was fun to learn how to take awesome pictures of my family!  Thanks to Facebook, friends started seeing some of my family photos.  I had taken a couple of courses and had learned how to use my camera to it’s fullest capabilities.  I started getting requests to take pictures for friends….Sure, I thought, why not?  I could make a little “side” money.  I had NO CLUE what I was doing “business wise”.  It was fun for me to “play” and great to have a little extra spending money.  Well, this fun little hobby has blossomed into a full blown business.

In 2011, I made it official.  I got a business license, a website, ein number, took more classes, purchased better equipment, etc..  I raised my original prices….a little bit….It was still just a fun little “official” side job.

Enter 2012……this side job has turned BIG!!!  Thanks to you all, your support, your referrals, etc…  You have made my business THRIVE!!!  I am so grateful to you all for sending me the referrals!  I have learned so much this year!  The BIG thing I have learned is that I can’t continue this business at “hobby” prices.  I want to continue to have this “job”, but not at the expense of my family.  These past few months have been awful on my family.  I have neglected them to take care of my business.  Family has to come first!

SO HERE WE ARE IN 2013:  I have to make these changes!  I met with a financial advisor in the fall of 2012 who looked at all my income, expenses, etc….The outcome of that meeting……NOT GOOD!!!  I’m making about $3.50/hour!!!!!  WHAT?!?!?!  I’m spending precious time away from my kiddos for $3.50/hour?!?!  EYE OPENER FOR ME!!!!  I want to continue to do this “job” that I love, but if I’m going to be away from my family,  have to make it worth it.  I know you all understand that.


These changes are big.  Yes, they scare me!  Yes, I know that I will loses some of you.  BUT, these changes are GOOD things!



*session fees are only increasing slightly…..$65 standard session fee

*More individualized attention!

*In person ordering sessions!

THE BAD NEWS (but not really):

*fewer session times….book early!

*mini sessions will only be offered at specific times of the year (4-5 scheduled minis throughout the year)

*No facebook previews until after your premier!


More to come on the specific details!

HAPPY 2013

Elizabeth  =)

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