Happy New Year 2016


Whoa!  How did another year come and go already?

Once again, I failed to keep up the website…….I’m not even going to say “This year, I’m going to do a better job of updating the blog, website, etc…”  That just sets me up for failure.  I am, however; making it a goal to share more often.  If I update more than 3 times…….progress!!! =)

This year, I’m LOWERING prices!!!!  Yes, you read that right!!!  I’m lowering session fees and print prices.

You can see the new investment guide here

I will also be starting a view and order session this year.  I had plans to implement that in the past and, well…..life happens.  It just hasn’t worked out for my family.  Now is the time!  I’m super excited about it, too!  Unless you have purchased an all inclusive package,  you will see your images for the first time in my office instead of from your computer screen.  If I’m being honest, it’s partly selfishness on my part…..I want to share in the joy and excitement as you see your images for the first time!  This will start with all session in February.  When you book your session, we will also get your viewing on the calendar!

You can find answers to some frequent questions here.  Take a look around the new site.  I’ll be continuing to add and tweak.

I’m still running a sale on sessions through the end of January.  February 1 new prices start!  You can pre-purchase your 2016 session here for only $25!!!!!!!!

This year, I plan to not only share photography, but some new things, too!

My family is loving our journey with Young Living Essential Oils.  I really feel like these are some amazing natural resources that God has blessed us with.  I’ll be mixing in a little of our oily life for you to see.  You can also request to join my Facebook group “Get Oily With It“.  It’s just a place for me to share some knowledge, answer questions, and keep you updated with all the oily things!

Many of you know that I’ve had a few rather grey years.  Well, 2015 brought some light to the shadows!  Don’t get me wrong, there are still plenty of bumps in the road…….life…..but, they’re  more like speed bumps than pot holes.  Speed bumps tend to make you slow down.  Check yourself.   The bump sometimes even gives you a little bounce back.   Pot holes….well, no one likes those……  Anyway.  I plan to share a little of our crazy, amazing, blessed life with you this year.  Being the modern day Brady Bunch +1 is definitely not always easy, but we’ve got God as our cheerleader and coach….we’ve got this!  You can check out a glimpse from our wedding here.

Wishing you a Happy and Blessed 2016

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