7 Months {Decatur, IL Baby Plan Photographer}

Meet Braxton!  This little guy had a rough winter, so we put off his milestone pictures until 7 months.  I love the scar that’s still healing on his cheek.  He’s one tough little dude.  I told Mom I could clean it up or we could embrace this time in his life.  I did a little cleanup on a few, but left it in most.

I was pretty excited to get to use my “7up” crate again, too!  Braxton and my Daxton are 2 days apart!!!!  They had some playtime during the session.  It was super sweet twitch them interact.  I’d love to have been able to know what they were thinking!  I’m looking forward to watching Braxton grow and keep up with his Big Brother!!!  Maybe next time, Cole will be up for some action, too!

2016-02-10_0001 2016-02-10_0002 2016-02-10_0003 2016-02-10_0004 2016-02-10_0005 2016-02-10_0006 2016-02-10_0007 2016-02-10_0008 2016-02-10_0009 2016-02-10_0010 2016-02-10_0011 2016-02-10_0012

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